Tuesday, 13 December 2011

First Post!

I decided that, after years of reading other people's ramblings and following their projects, it was about time I gave it a go as well.  Hopefully, this will encourage me to maybe stick to a project rather than flitting about from one thing to another, as in my experience, that seems to be what most mini gamers are best at - there's always something newer and shinier around the corner...


  1. Heid, you won the Heavy Gear Blitz PDFs. So you need to get in touch with me:


  2. Dude just another quick reminder... you won a prize... please claim it. I don't want another Jordan episode as I'm trying to run a lot of prize draws right now.

  3. Only one post and still your blog is in the Google 1st page ......... how you do that ...? plz tell me